Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Thoughts On Online Casino Regulation

If you want to boost your source of income, you can follow many financial advisors advice and use some savings to make extra money. Why not try upping your earnings by investing in a publicly listed company. Where though, might you place your investment? Some say that investing in the online gambling industry is a lucrative and safe area of investment. Why not, after all most of us love a little flutter every now and then don't we. Games of chance, and skill, like crapps or poker have been seen for many centuries across Europe and the world. Many big business are making large revenues today by operating online sites with casino style games alongside betting on sporting activities - and these publicly listed companies are a good investment opportunity from which you could make money.

888. com is a Gibraltar based organization that has lately been supplied with an online poker license by the state of Nevada, US. 888. com is special in this regard as the Nevada Gaming Commission has issued no other license to any other UK publicly listed gambling provider. In recent times, has made some good deals with WMS Gaming Inc. and Caesars and Avenue Capital, reaffirming its partnership with the US, from whence came fifty % of its income before the advent of UIGEA. Having been created 16 years ago, (originally called Virtual Holdings Ltd.) 888. com has been around long enough to know its onions and to know it well. As a starting member of eCOGRA they have a fantastic reputation with online gamblers and having listed on the stock exchange coming up to 10 years ago now, they also have a professional reputation with investors. 888. com in a nutshell has 4 distinct areas of operation, websites dealing with; sport, bingo, poker and casino.

If you are looking to invest in an organization that genuinely pays attention to the gamblers above all else, you might possibly like to go with Betfair. They offer an online betting exchange where odds are set by players who can additionally place bets against one another. With somewhere around 4 million users it is known around the globe. It also professes to have a weekly turnover of an incredible 50 million in pound sterling! Owning a T.V station and a radio station, with a license to accept wagers on horse racing in New York, it is a well serviced company in all fields of the media. On the other side of the globe, in Australia, Betfair also operates a betting exchange. With recognized gambling licenses across the globe, it can be considered to be a solid investment, as it is a service provider that plays by the book and is fundamentally player experience centered.

Bwin. Party (Digital Entertainment) might be a good company to invest in because the two companies within the larger organisation are from different geographical foundations initially - Germany and the UK. When bwin and Party Gaming merged in 2011, these two Internet gambling giants were brought together which solidified their respective and prospective customer bases. (Details on the merger can be found at Viewed negatively, they could be thought to be vulnerable to regulatory change in one of their main markets, Germany. However, with the considerable possibilities available for cross-sector marketing, bwin. Party is likely to be one to keep an eye on in the coming years.

As well as investments in the money making end of internet gambling, you could make an invesment in the back end of the industry ... in a business that supplies the technology that allows them to operate. Playtech is a firm that was founded in 1999 to deliver software to online gambling firms. It made 3 times the amount of money from sales this last year, compared to the previous one. After selling its share in William Hill Online, it is now going into an extensive deal with Ladbrokes IT and online marketing departments. As an investment, Playtech shares seem as sound and consistent investment as you could find in the software market.

The US looks to be making changes to undo the damage that UIGEA did to the egaming sector in 2006. Recently, two massive changes in the position that both the federal government and state governments have historically taken, have occurred. The top tier of governance has condoned the issuance of permits by the various states through its re-analysis of the Wire Act of 1961. 3 states have relatively recently issued licenses for online gambling, one of which has specifically licensed online poker as well as casino gambling. At the end of the day, even if an individual country bans online gambling, it will still happen, it's just that the website will be hosted somewhere else, furnishing another country with the tax. Tax revenues, at the end of the day, are being missed out on by countries that criminalize internet gaming. As they slowly and gradually do, you will notice share prices in these notable online gaming organizations climb even higher, so get in on the 'middle floor' whilst you still have the opportunity !!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This mornings poetical musings...

I went for a run this morning out in the bush.  Nice and quiet.  Noone around.  Just me in harmony with my surroundings.  Breathing deeply and absorbing all the joys of nature.  Animals hopping along by the roadside, birds flying high in the sky.  Whispy clouds, tickling the beautiful backdrop of blue... yeah yeah, alright, enough with the whimsy?!

Anyway, on my way back home I had to go along the side of a main-ish road.  After running out in the bush, with no traffic at all, there were suddenly loads of trucks and cars going past, and I couldn't believe the stink of all that traffic.

Honest, so much nasty fumes coming from them.  And then the wind seemed to carry more fumes, even though the vehicles had already passed me.  It made me think that's all.  People that live in cities, bustling bulging cities, they don't even notice it do they.

Kinda just goes to show how you can be totally blinded by things the more you are exposed to them - and that we should all make an conscious effort to surround ourselves with the 'good stuff', that way we will be a bit more discerning, as people and also as a society.